Unarchiving a digital archive

Commissioned in 2010, Mapping Memory on the Liverpool Waterfront since the 1950, was a collaborative ‘Beyond Text’ project between National Museums Liverpool, University of Liverpool, Re-Dock, Error. It was funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council and involves research into Liverpool’s L1 area during 1950s-1970s.

The main outcomes of the project was an online interactive feature to present the project findings in the form of an interactive map. The original interactive proved to be a success and existed online for well over nine years acting as an original digital archive of a set of stories about people and place.

Time moved on and in 2019 the interactive map was eventually taken offline by National Museums Liverpool after a website redesign.

However, in 2021, Error, the agency who created the original interactive map and creators of the Humap interactive map platform, have spent several months refactoring the original Mapping Memory content (videos, images, text, audio) into a new Humap version of Mapping Memory.